NYSDEC Monitor

In accordance with Chaffee Landfill's NYSDEC Permit Number 9-1462-00001/00006 Chaffee Landfill is required to maintain a sum of $68,000 for funding of environmental compliance activities related to the construction and operation of the Chaffee Landfill. The on-site monitor's function is to monitor the Permittee's solid waste management facilities, and work with facility staff to maximize permit and regulatory compliance. Additionally, the Monitor's on-site presence is intended to benefit the facility by fostering more accurate and timely communications between the Permittee and the Department.
The duties of the environmental monitor include, but are not necessarily limited to:

nysdec monitorObservation of the construction and operation at the landfill to ensure that it is in accordance with the Part 360 permit, approved engineering plans and reports, and applicable regulations;

  • Visual inspection of the incoming wastes as needed;
  • Providing guidance to the landfill personnel on operational procedures that work successfully at other landfills; and
  • Maintaining a file of all industrial waste streams approved for disposal in the landfill.

Oversees Landfill Operations on a weekly basis or as needed.